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Everybody is scared of something, from the Slender Man to exams or even something as random as jam! They want to know what makes YOU afraid! Gasp, gawp and grin as you take part in the one and only game-show The Fear Factor, where you can discover the bad and the very good things about fear! So come on down, the fear Factor needs you!”

" Excellent, I think my daughter will really benefit from your show" Rachel Mcbride- The Williamson Art Gallery

With ACE Funding this show toured to art galleries, museums  and libraries for schools and public audiences. Directed by Patrick Dineen and collaborating with comedian Rob Rhys Bond 

In a safe, funny environment they will allow participants to explore possible ways of confronting and dealing with situations in which they feel afraid

" The Young people at The Florrie enjoyed taking part, winning prizes and the scary stories"- Nadine Adu- The Florrie

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